Multi room audio and visual installations quite simply revolutionise the way we use our homes.  Using a remote control or mobile device, a simple press of a button routes the desired source, be it a Sky HD box, movie player, Apple TV, CCTV cameras, or alternatively, a piece of music from your local or online playlist, into the room for your enjoyment.  It’s highly intelligent and knows when to turn the TV on, for an audio visual source, and knows when to turn it off or leave it off, when you are listening to audio only.

Our audio visual systems allow you to watch or listen to any source in any room, independently of each other.  This design philosophy provides our Clients with ultimate flexibility, allowing the kids to watch TV in one room, whilst the adults enjoy the latest TV drama in another room.  Want to share the music you are listening to around the house? No problem!  Adding rooms, again by the simple press of a button, allows the source to be shared around the house.  Such a simple way to get a party started!

Think all of this convenience and simple controls is limited to inside your home?  We have completed a number of outdoor TV and speaker audio visual installations within the gardens of houses we have worked in, perfect for summer entertainment, BBQ’s and late night wine consumption.

All source equipment is located centrally within a designated area of the house, allowing the rooms to remain clean, uncluttered and beautifully furnished with no compromises.  Control of all the remote source equipment in each room is via a simple and intuitive remote control, smart phone or tablet app.  Our aim is to make our systems simple enough that a stranger, unfamiliar with your home, can walk into a room and use the system with ease.

The great news is that all of this simplicity and convenience a multi room audio and visual installation brings is not at the sacrifice of quality of picture or sound.  Users of our systems experience spine tingling quality of sound and picture with no compromises.

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Cheshire Audio Visual Installations

” I first commissioned Niche Audio Visual to install a system within a fitness facility which included fully integrated audio, Wi-Fi and a cinema room.  Following this very impressive and successful job, I asked Niche if they could outfit my private dwelling which included a seamless surgical style install of Wi-Fi throughout and a bespoke cinema room.  I again was very satisfied with the level of design and professionalism shown and so when I opened a large city centre coffee shop/bar I again used Niche to install a Wi-Fi system that included a secure staff network and a public system for the customers.  I cannot recommend Niche enough. They approach every job with a fresh approach with the customer’s needs at the fore. Considering the level of professionalism and after care service I have received, I believe they represent exceptional value for money. “

Adam Chapman – QDos Fitness – Private Home – Foundation Coffee House

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