Fully Integrated Cheshire Smart Home.

This amazing family home, situated on the edge of the Cheshire countryside, has one of the most comprehensive audio visual and smart home installations within the north of England.

As with all of the projects we undertake, our team invested the time that was required with our Client, to understand their exact requirements and ensure the system was tailored precisely to how they wanted to use their home.

During our initial design meetings, it soon became apparent that this was to be a very special home, with a client who allowed us to be creative and innovative with our thinking. The system features all of the usual systems that a large mansion house should: including a 4K UltraHD audio visual distribution system; a whole house lighting control installation, automated blinds; a comprehensive underfloor heating and; air conditioning control system, where heating and cooling work in complete harmony.  Supplementary systems ensure whole house distribution of telecoms and wireless internet, allowing users to effortlessly take advantage of WIFI roaming as they walk from room to room.

Cheshire Smart Home installation

All of the primary rooms of this stunning house, including the swimming pool and bathrooms, feature a simple and easy to use room controller.  These intuitive, all in one remote controls and iPad tablet devices allow full control of the system within a room.  Allowing a room’s occupants to effortlessly turn on the TV, dim the lights, close the blinds and select a movie from the central movie server – it’s showtime!

When you look around this contemporary home and sample what its technology has to offer, it soon becomes apparent that it has been designed not just for functionality, but to enhance the enjoyment factor of living in such a unique home. There is a Champagne Bar, featuring large TV and a high-quality bespoke speaker system, so the perfect sound track can be selected to enjoy with a bottle of fizz.  The Master Bedroom features an 85″ ultra high definition TV, combined with a fully calibrated Dolby Atmos speaker system, delivering amazing movie playback late into the night. The controllability of the system means the room can be instantly changed to playback relaxing music, to facilitate the gentle wakening on a Sunday morning.

featured-AV-installationHowever, It’s when you step into the basement area of this amazing home that the entertainment areas of the house become seriously impressive.  At the heart of this remarkable installation is an award winning home cinema room with the huge movie picture taken care of by the very latest Sony 4K UltraHD projector, which beams crystal clear images onto an acoustically transparent 2.35:1 cinema screen.  The amazing sound reproduction is handled through a set of Artcoustic speakers, arranged in a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos configuration.  The performance of the room is truly breathtaking and delivers an incredible cinematic experience to its occupants, seated in one of the 12 luxurious Cineca home cinema seats.

Adjacent to the cinema room there is a games room, bar and dance floor area, all with amazing sound, ready to satisfy the most hardened party animal and accompanied by various flat screen TV’s.  The doors to outside open to reveal an intimate lightwell terrace area, with both the inside and outside areas featuring colour changing lighting, integrated seamlessly into the lighting control installation.

As with all of the projects our team at Niche Audio Visual undertake, quality of smart home installation is of huge importance to us.  We ensure all of our team of engineers buy into our philosophy that the bits our Clients don’t see, have to be as meticulously installed and executed, as the bits they do see.  We worked closely with Edge Projects, who built this amazing home, and their appointed contractors, to ensure the main equipment room was a room that the client would enjoying walking into and be pleased that Niche Audio VIsual had been chosen to complete the works.

The three equipment racks were fully designed and planned before a single piece of equipment was installed.  We are firm believers that the systems we install into our Client’s smart home is not only for enjoyment, but an investment in their most precious asset.

Stunning comms room layout All this amazement isn’t confined to the four walls of this property, but instead leads out, into the garden, to provide yet more areas for enjoyment.  As the indoor pool automatically opens up to outside, the colour changing lighting extends into the garden, illuminating the grounds and outdoor kitchen area, which includes a fully waterproof outdoor TV and comprehensive sound system, perfect for a summer evening of entertainment.



Niche Audio Installations Cheshire


” The system is awesome. The technology is cutting edge and very easy to use, definitely worth the money as we will use it all the time. We are happy to speak to any prospective clients with a recommendation and have them come and take a look and/or show them photos as and when you wish. “

Oliver Jackson

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