Reliable, seamless and secure home networking and WIFI distributed around our homes or commercial spaces has quite possibly become one of the most important factors when creating a successful smart home or networked installation.  Our busy lives mean that emails, instant messaging and social media content is constantly being sent from and delivered to our mobile devices.  Our phones and tablets are now used more and more to control our homes, and these are rendered useless if the quality of the network is nothing short of perfect.

This is the part where we would normally tell you about how clever we are, throw in some technical jargon about WIFI and security this, WIFI guest networks that, Cloud management and storage, add a sprinkling of bandwidth management and you have the recipe for a pretty boring piece of text.

As we always like to be a bit different at Niche Audio Visual, all we’ll say is that quite simply our WIFI and home networking systems work!  Our WIFI effortlessly follows you around the house, managing each device’s connection, to ensure you never think about it – it just works!  We love that because that’s exactly how technology should be: in the background – just working.

Our WIFI and network devices are also pretty clever at monitoring themselves and they know instantly if something has been accidentally unplugged or drops offline.  In fact, you’ll probably find that we’re letting you know this has happened before you even realise there’s a problem.  So, when considering home networking and WIFI, it really doesn’t matter if you’re in Cheshire, the North West, within the UK or abroad, our technology ensures we’re only a click away.

We hope that your current internet connection is good enough for you to use the contact form below, to instant message us, or alternatively, facebook or tweet us.

Home Networking and WIFI - Cheshire Smart Homes

” The system is awesome. The technology is cutting edge and very easy to use, definitely worth the money as we will use it all the time. We are happy to speak to any prospective clients with a recommendation and have them come and take a look and/or show them photos as and when you wish. “

Oliver Jackson

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