Lighting design can dramatically affect our mood in everything that we do.  Relaxing, reading, listening to music, lively parties, late night drinks: our home is witness to the lives of our family and friends, yet so many people rely on the same static lighting scene for all that they experience in their homes. 

Now, imagine a home that knows you and your desires.  A home with intelligent lighting that understands that you like a certain lighting when reading, but then different lighting when entertaining friends.  Maybe the lighting needs to change as a party progresses from evening into early morning.

Successful lighting within a room starts with creative lighting design, which is a particular passion of Niche Audio Visual, as our MD, Richard Mather, started his working career as a lighting designer over 18 years ago.  We are, therefore, extremely comfortable being involved in the lighting design for our Client’s homes and are highly experienced in ensuring the design and control elements are brought together to result in beautifully lit rooms.

Lighting control is not confined to a single room.  Our systems allow welcome home scenes, allowing pathways of light to be programmed into the system.  Imagine guests arriving at your home, a keypad button sets a pathway of lighting up to the guest suite of your home, lighting the bedroom perfectly for their arrival.

Global lighting commands allow the entire home, specific floors or grouped areas of the house to be turned off with the simple press of a button.  Our client changeable schedules allow for garden lighting and security lighting to work successfully together, ensuring you never return home to a dark and empty looking house.

When away from your home for any length of time, our auto lighting function allows the house to turn the lighting on and off automatically, giving the appearance that the house is occupied, even when it is not.  Working seamlessly in conjunction with an automated curtain and blind installation, the system can be controlled and remotely monitored from any location with an internet connection.

If you like the sound of our intelligent lighting control – we’re delighted you’ve seen the light!  Please use the contact form below and we would be happy to discuss your project with you.


Lighting design and Installatiion for your home

” We have worked with the team at Niche Audio Visual on a number of the projects that we have undertaken for our clients.  Richard and his design team have provided us with a number of external lighting designs on a design and installation basis.  The team at Niche Audio Visual have always demonstrated both flair and a wealth of knowledge on lighting design and lamp technology, coupled with their desire to produce energy efficient solutions.  This extensive knowledge has helped us to deliver garden landscaping solutions that look amazing both during the day and also at night. “

Sue Carter – Edenhouse Garden Design


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