The Niche Audio Visual team have extensive experience of home security installations, which sets us aside from a lot of our competitors, who generally tend to avoid this area of home technology.  Niche Audio Visual on the other hand embrace it, as the close integration of this with the rest of the home automation installation, makes our home life that little bit easier… and, of course, more secure.

When designing the security systems for our projects, we understand that there is not one magical system that single handily secures our Client’s family and property.  It is a combination of a number of systems, such as intruder alarms, CCTV, presence detection and physical barriers, such as automated gates, that all work together seamlessly to ensure your home and family is secure.

The Niche team also understand that our systems are generally installed into and around our Client’s beautiful homes and, with this in mind, we have worked hard to source products that blend in with their surroundings, providing discrete protection without compromises to our Client’s safety.

Once completed we can hand you over to a fully approved and certified security monitoring service, who provide remote concierge, monitoring and protection. They’re highly efficient and professional and, using our technology, are only there when you want them to be, ensuring your privacy is always maintained.

Our home security installations allow you to remotely monitor your home, your CCTV and your intruder alarm from wherever you wish.  It may be your office, it may be from the poolside bar on holiday – the team at Niche Audio Visual ensure that your home is in your own safe hands.

For further information about Intruder Alarms, CCTV, presence detection, remote monitoring and our gate automation services, please use the contact form below, so that we can help you to protect the most precious things in life.

Home Security and CCTV installations by Niche Audio Visual

” Our work with Richard and his team at Niche provides us with a quality installation whilst allowing for flexibility for expansion by our clients at a later date. Richard continues to produce designs and installations that are beyond our expectations in terms of cost and speed whilst continuing to be at the pinnacle of technology within the industry ensuring we can accomplish our goals. “

Gareth Jones – Edge Projects Ltd

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